Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pavlik-Taylor II My Prediction.

A lot of questions will be answered in tonights big fight. Did Taylor really underestimate Pavlik as much as he said in their first fight? Was Kelly's performance a fluke? I think not, Pavlik is just that good. Who will benefit more with the fight being fought at the 166lb. limit? Again I think Pavlik.

The biggest advantage Pavlik has over Taylor and really the biggest difference between the two was how Pavlik was matched, moved, and now how he has matured as a solid pro. Taylor has never evolved, never progressed more. Taylor fighting predominantly blown up Jr. Middleweights has back fired on him. He's just not used to being in the ring with a fighter as strong and consistent as Pavlik.

I think Taylor will be dangerous for the first two-three rounds and that will be it. I mean really what do you have to worry about with Jermain? His strong jab and right hand that's it. He's a VERY predictable fighter that doesn't do many things great. Why wasn't he developed more? He's paying for it now.

Kelly's relentless pressure, strong jab, heavy right hand, and body work will take the fight out of Taylor. I don't give a shit on how much better shape Taylor says he's in. That won't matter cause Pavliks in great shape too and HE'S the better fighter. KELLY has proven he can fight with big pressure punchers while Taylor in his first fight with Kelly didn't.

Taylor has too many flaws and makes too many mistakes. Pavliks the type of fighter that capitalizes on those mistakes BIG TIME. That will be the deciding factor again in this fight. Look for Kelly to land his heavy and lethal right hand over Taylor's low left hand and even his jab in the middle rounds earning Pavlik another KO victory.

There's another interesting fight tonight with Nikolai Valuev vs Sergey Liakhovich. I have to go with the giant in this fight. Valuev weighed in at a massive 321.8 while Liakhovich came in at a heavy and soft 250.8. Liakhovich won't be as mobile at that weight and this will cause him lots of problems with Valuev. Nikolai is not that skilled, but he's very strong and determined. I see Valuev's shear size and strength wearing Sergey down late with a 10th round TKO victory.

Enjoy the fights!

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