Saturday, February 23, 2008

Wladimir Klitschko vs Sultain Ibragimov... My Pick

Tonight's heavyweight match up features something that hasn't happened in 8 years.... UNIFICATION. Finally the right steps are being made to clear the muddled mess in the heavyweight division.

Tonights fight doesn't guarantee fireworks as both fighters aren't true sluggers. I think we may see a stinker with Klitschko boxing and controlling the fight with his ramrod jab, or some good action with Sultan using angles to get inside and working Wlad's body and heads in close. That is what Sultain MUST do to win. If he stays on the outside, he gets outpointed or possibly stopped. That will just play into Wlad's strengths. If Sultain can work inside he has a chance to upset Klitschko. Sultain does have fast hands, good footwork, power and can box well using lateral movement punching in on angles, but again he must work to do this on the inside and not the outside in this fight.

Klitschko tipped the scales at 238 while Sultain 219. Speed will be shown tonight and will be the key to victory. Wlad must snap fast hard jabs to control Sultain from outside and Sultan must use quick lateral movement, head movement, and hand speed to score on Wlad when he sees openings.

I think it will be a close fight in the early to mid rounds but Wladimir's size and strength will start to take over in the late rounds IF he can keep Sultain on the outside. Sultain is very determined and if HE can establish a relentless body attack early, Klitschko could be the one to wither in the late rounds.

I want Sultain to win, but I like the weight Wladimir came in at and I think he will take over in the championship rounds and win a rugged decision.
Enjoy the fight!

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