Sunday, March 16, 2008

Grading Pacquiao-Marquez.

It was a tough nip and tuck fight as I predicted. Although not as dramatic as Vazquez-Marquez III, it was still a pretty damn good fight. Both fighters fought through bad cuts trying to impose their will on one another with several momentum changes during the fight. I agreed with the 114-113 score for Pacquiao, however I wouldn't have bitched at Marquez getting the nod. It was just a damn tough close fight to score.

Both fighters displayed great conditioning deserving an A. Really in speed, and conditioning too. You have to give Manny an A in strength/power since he dropped Juan good and Marquez a B+ stunning and hurting Pacquiao throughout the fight. Both corners deserve an A+ as they steered their fighters very well keeping them focused through several momentum changes throughout the fight.

In losing Marquez is still the best super featherweight with Manny Pac now moving up to lightweight to fight WBC Champ David Diaz in his next fight. I would love to see Marquez fight Joan Guzman or Edwin Valero next. Both would be very exciting fights. Marquez is just such a solid fighter and professional. He is always willing to go through hell to win and is so poised in the ring. A true pro! Juan doesn't really need to fix anything.

I was surprised to see Manny neglect a lot of the new improved skills he displayed in his previous fights. He relied on his powerful straight left too much. He's really going to need more than that in his rise to lightweight. Yeah Diaz isn't an ultra talented fighter but he is a relentless bruising fighter who likes to wear you out. Manny must increase his strength and power for this upcoming fight if he is to win it and not be bullied around the ring by Diaz. As with the rise in weight, so must be the rise in strength/power. Without both Manny is just not going to enjoy the power advantage he had at 130lbs. He's going to need more than his dynamite Publish Postleft hand and speed to beat Diaz. The well rounded skills he was honing need to come forth. If Manny wants the same success at lightweight he better make some changes in his strength/conditioning regimen now. Or else he's in for a rude awakening.

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