Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Looking back on Hopkins-Calzaghe.

Well the days of saying a fighter is getting old when he nears his thirties has been over. Watching 36 year old Joe Calzaghe and 43 year old Bernard Hopkins fight at a highly competitive level proved that age in no factor.

I thought Joe won the fight 114-113. I have no problem for those seeing the fight in Bernard's favor 114-113. Bernard landed the crisper harder punches, he just didn't land enough of them. Joe landed more punches but they were slapping punches. Joe showed he could adjust and fight as good as you can against the foul inflicted style of Bernard.

Bernard showed great reflexes and timing in dropping Joe in the first round. Both fought good and did a lot of good things. That's why it was such a tough fight to score.

In the early 90's George Foreman was the big laughing stock of boxing for fighting on in his forties. The laughing stopped of course after he crushed Michael Moore with that powerful right hand of his in winning the heavyweight title at 45. There was no snickering at the 43 year old Hopkins going into this fight but there is much praise after the fight as we were watching one of the all time best almost beat, NOT get dominated by the best light heavyweight in the world at 43! That's a living legend.

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