Monday, May 5, 2008

Q/A: My thoughts on Oscar's last performance and his career.

Rob P-
I was wondering what your opinion is of the de la hoya vs forbes fight tomorrow. I personally have always repected de la hoya's ability's in the ring, but resently after watching the preview on hbo a few times i am questioning his character. I dont understand why a fighter with his ability has to keep stressing his dedication, trying it seems to regain street credit lost when he begain promoting fights a few years ago. I mean honestly when your hungry for something its in your eyes, just look at glen johnson. You should not have to tell people or your self that your committed, people just no. Obviously there is a bigger picture to that subject then what was on that show, but that is just my opinion. If de la hoya wants to stay on top of the boxing world for years to come and get back that respect from fans, he needs to get rid of the mayweather circus that surrounds him and go back to the roach. Nothing personal against mayweathers training ability, just not a fan of his personallity. Anyways i am pulling for Rudy on this one. Jarrod.

Jarrod, Sorry for the late reply. I was at the Elite seminar over the weekend...

I'm not a fan of De La Hoya and I was taunted pretty good over the weekend seminar about it lol!

For the majority of Oscar's career he's been a broken record, he's also been more than just a fighter and that is what's hurt him over the years.

It's BULLSHIT to think of him as a really great fighter. He's more a product of proper promotion and management than anything and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.

Oscar has won a couple of impressive fights and I can't hate on him for milking the system. He IS a smart business man...Just NOT a great fighter.

So that's why he's been full of excuses Jarrod.. With all the fucking trainer changes over the years he's never really gelled into his own. The excuses stem from the trainer changes too... Oh, so and so has me doing this, and that Oscar often says before another fight.

Oscar never had street credit... Do you know what would happen to him if he sparred down in Mexico in those hard core gyms... I would PAY to see that. Those Mexican fighters would beat the shit out of him and taunt him. He's never been a true Mexican fighter with the style he has.

Now you put Glen Johnson in any hardcore gym in the world and he'll whip some ass. Glen is a really good fighter cause that's what he's focused on. He's a true old school fighter.

I agree with Floyd Sr's personality, I met and talked with him before. Saying he has an ego is a huge understatement.I disagree with him not being the right trainer for Oscar right now. To be able to hang with Floyd Jr. he needs more of the style Floyd Sr. teaches than Freddie's style. Freddie is a GREAT trainer but his strategies won't help Oscar in the rematch.

Oscar needs to retire now, spare us with this sorry ass rematch.

You saw how he was touched up by a blown up Stevie Forbes Jarrod. He's a good promoter and that's what he should be doing. He just hasn't been a REAL fighter for many years now.

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