Thursday, May 15, 2008

Q/A: Mythical Matchups

Rob, Who do you like in the following matchups?

Terry Norris vs. Wifred Benitez
Lennox Lewis vs. Joe Louis
Azumah Nelson vs. Erik Morales


Mike I like these match ups!


Terry was a devastating puncher and could box but not like Benitez...The thing with Benetiz was he NEVER trained, never took boxing really serious. He could have been MUCH better. We saw the best of Norris as he trained his ass off.

Norris hit harder but Wilfred could crack pretty good too. The factor in this fight would be speed and movement and Benitez owned both of them. The knock on Terry was that he wasn't disciplined during the fight, he could loose focus and become frustrated and start fouling or making mistakes.

People forget how slick Benitez was... He gave Leonard lots of fits in losing by 15 round stoppage with only seconds left, lost a close dec. to Hearns and beat Duran. While NEVER training serious! He would stand in front of Norris taunting him, laughing at his power while countering and dancing away... YET being in range to get off again and again and again. That's how you shut a puncher down.

So Benitez wouldn't cooperate with Norris and become part of his highlight reel, he would move, counter and then set down on his punches to earn a UD or even a late stoppage ( IF Wilfred trained at least 8 weeks).. Terry was very good fighter, but he wouldn't be able to cope with Wilfred's natural skill and NEVER fought a fighter close to it.

Keep in mind that Wilfred won his first world title at 17 years 6 months.....That's what you call a great fighter! You won't find any police officers, post men, or shot former champion fighters in his record either as you will in OTHER so called great fighters records.


You know Mike, I could really see Lennox out boxing Joe. He had the jab to keep him at bay and he could work off of his jab with hooks and upper cuts while moving away from Joe's dangerous bombs. People may think I'm full of shit with this scenario but styles make fights...

Lewis could do this but he could also lull himself to sleep with his own style and success rate. He could have a lapse or become lazy and make a mistake. Louis was the type of fighter with the type of power to take advantage of a mistake by changing or ending the fight quick. I could see this happening, Lewis out boxing and shutting Joe down for 10 rounds then Joe pouncing on Lennox's ass after coming over top of a lazy Lewis jab with a heavy right hand and ending the fight before the crowd and ref could register what the fuck just happened.

Power solves problems fast. Joe had lots of it. Louis by 10th round KO.


The professor ( Nelson) is not talked about enough. He was a really great technician in the ring with good power and a sturdy chin. A classy true pro. He fought the legendary and possibly best featherweight champion of all time in Salvador Sanchez going into that fight with only 13 fights! He lost by 15 round KO but earned much praise. He beat a badly faded Wilfred Gomez for the WBC featherweight strap in 84.

He would have his hands full with the feracious and relentless fighter Morales was though.

Fight tempo would be key in this fight and I feel Eric would set one to high for the Professor to be able to comfortable do what he did best. He would have to forgo his style and strengths just to hang with Eric and the pace he would set in the fight. If you want to know what I mean about pace just search for Morales-Barrera I on youtube and see for yourself. Morales was a beast! He didn't spend time in the studio trying to sing to win a fucking grammy, or be a model, and fight 2 division blown up fighters...Nah... He kicked ass and was a REAL Mexican warrior arguably one of the top 3 or 4 best ever and that's why he's worshiped in Mexico.

Fenech was a high volume, aggressive puncher and Azumah knocked him out after drawing with him the first time out, but Morales had a more fierce aggression and hit to the body and head harder than Jeff. Nelson never faced a fighter who could rip to the body like Erik could while also having the quick ability to follow up with viscous head shots not giving his opponents the chance to think.

Again Mike, It's the pace and power of Erik's attack that would do Azumah in. Azumah would have brief moments were he would catch Erik coming in but I just feel Erik would be too much for Nelson and Morale's pace wouldn't allow the professor to take advantage of and pin point Eric's weaknesses during the fight.

An older, wiser, more experienced Nelson gets stopped in the last round as he did the last time he fought a REAL Mexican great while again earning much praise and awe in his gallant fighting effort.

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