Monday, June 16, 2008

The blind leading the blind, a terrible trend in boxing strength training workouts.

I was reading how my favorite fighter James Toney appears to be in the best shape since Holyfield. That's great, I can't wait to see him fight next month if it's true. The disturbing thing I read was he was lighting light weights with high reps the typical bullshit magic bullet that these strength?/conditioning coaches use, yes there's a ? behind strength as I'm shaking my head why? The reason why James lost to Peter in his last fight wasn't because he wasn't lifting light enough!

The popular trend in strength training boxers is if you're going to lift weights play it safe and lift light with lots of reps yet the people who prescribe this crap claim the fighter will get strong. This do this while obviously neglecting the real needs of the fighter.

I'm just so sick and tired of hearing this myth and seeing fighters misled by training this way. I watched a video that my bud Alwyn Cosgrove sent me with Kelly Pavlik stating how he trains some 6 hours a day and when he lifts weights... Yup... I ain't going to say it... SAME shit. His strength coach was sitting there saying I don't like to talk about Kelly's training. The dude didn't need to what Kelly was saying just made you shake your head why? Why is that guy in Kelly's camp?

So that is the trend in strength training boxers, the blind are leading the blind. It seems either none of these trainers have the balls to educate the fight team on why true strength training is needed, or they just don't care and are along for the ride collecting the check by playing it safe and going with the popular trend and myth. Judging from the shit I've been reading and believe me I hope it isn't true, it appears that the latter is the case.

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