Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up.

There were some great fights this weekend and some surprising upsets.


Kelly did what he was supposed to do against an over matched opponent. It didn't matter that Ezno was Lockett's trainer, Hell his son Joe slaps with his punches so what the hell did Kelly have to fear in this fight.

That's what experience does for you in big fights, Lockett had NONE, Kelly has a nice back bone from his big fights with Zertuche, Miranda, Taylor.

Arum is aiming for an October match with Joe Calzaghe. If Kelly doesn't change up his grueling over training and some of the other unnecessary training methods he's performing, He's in deep shit against Joe.

Daniel Ponce De Leon-Juan Manuel Lopez

We have another exciting puncher in Lopez to look forward to in future big fights with his destruction of Ponce De Leon. Juan wasted no time in grabbing that tile with his fast and savage attack. Once again, the smaller fighters deliver the bigger action and Juan will cause a lot of people to be glued to the TV set when he fights again. Out with the old in with the new. Plenty of action guaranteed. Great for boxing.


This fight shocked me the most. I thought Quintana would give Paul fits again. Paul like Juan wasted no time in grabbing the title. Paul took care of business in a big way. He's a very dangerous fighter when he comes into the ring focused and hungry. The question is, will he have another let down or keep the hunger, and ass beatings coming? He seems to have everything but consistency, lets see if he KO's that label in his next fight.


This fight was a bit of a surprise too. Forrest was by far the more polished technician and early on it appeared he would have his way with Mora. I'm so impressed with how accurate Vernon is with his punches while fighting fresh. He didn't come into the fight in the shape he needed to to match Mora's energy and tenacity. Mora's awkwardness and aggresiveness was just too much for Vernon. Blame this loss on his team for not taking Sergio serious and not having Forrest in the condition he needed to be in. They thought Vernon's skill would make the labeled contender Mora look like a pretender. Big mistake and big win for Sergio against a highly skilled but under prepared fighter in Vernon. Mora's going to grow to a whole new level after this big win. His team deserves much praise after taking so much criticism. They showed their professionalism by having their fighter FULLY prepared by taking the title against heavy odds and snears.

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