Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Manny is the man.

It's safe to say that Manny Paq. is the best p4p fighter today. He was more than impressive in the way he busted up Diaz. I'll admit, I doubted him going into the fight. I though he would be a bit slower and not carry the power as well with him.

Damn was I wrong, Manny proved many people wrong and enjoyed it whole heartedly. You don't see to many fighters smiling like Manny in the ring enjoying themselves like a kid at play as Manny does. The class that he shows after words is also rare.

The knock on Manny is that he relies on his left hand to much, although he showed a good right hook in the Diaz fight. So what, he has been getting the job done in exciting fights. He doesn't pop shot and run the whole fight. Talking shit at the press conference before and after the fight. The left hand he throws is hard, fast and gets the job done. That's all that matters and that's why he's so exciting to watch and a class act to listen to after words.

What Manny accomplishes in the ring stays in peoples minds, he doesn't need to make a bullshit public statement accusing certain parties of wrong doing. Shut the fuck up and get in the ring if you don't think you were appreciated enough.

There's more than enough talented fighters today like Manny Paq. letting their fists do the talking for their great achievements to allow any knowledgeable fan to miss you.

Manny is the man and I though he peaked. It appears the best is yet to come.

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