Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why it's often better to take a step back in your boxing training workouts.

Fighters are often paranoid that they aren't training hard enough. They can show up at the gym spar several rounds and if they get tired they freak out by performing more road work. More road work in their minds is the answer to preventing them from getting tired as they did in that sparring session.

More road work isn't the answer here to greater gains in stamina... To take a step forward in training, the fighter often has to take two steps back.

Taking two steps back in the form of cutting their training volume and rest. Now old school skill trainers may bark at this as weakness but in reality it relates to better progress.

Listen to your body during your boxing workouts. If you're coming to the gym tired, irritable, or feeling lackadaisical, perform a light workout and then take the next day off, maybe two.

This will prevent over training and once you understand how to mange your training intensity/stressors you will perform better than ever on your sparring days instead of puttering out.

Road work isn't the answer... Recovery often is.

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