Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Hypocrisy Of This Fighter Has No Bounds.

I read recently where Richard Schaefer said Margarito needs more than one big win to earn a fight against Oscar. Huh?! If more fighters had the balls to fight Margarito like Paul Williams, Clottey, and Cotto he'd have a better resume. Team De La Hoya's hypocrisy is THICK and it's down right embarrassing talking that hit on their part.

The fact that many fighters duck Margarito speaks more than anything. Oscar wants none of him, why doesn't he just say what everyone knows. Schaefer's down playing Antonio's accomplishments is outright bullshit considering that Antonio has sparred with Oscar before and Oscar knows what kind of beast Margarito is.

Look... Here's something that can't be argued about Margarito... The Mexican people love and support him similar to the way they supported Julio Caesar Chavez. Oscar has NEVER had that respect and mass Mexican appeal though he is Mexican-American.

Oscar's Golden Boy image that he perfected brilliantly continues to back fire and rub the fans he's always wanted to win over the most the wrong way. The Mexican fans hate the way he fights and heckle him for avoiding Margarito their true champion.

The best way Oscar can close his career and attempt to at least gain some admirable respect from the Mexican people is to fight their hero Margarito. Even if Oscar lost bravely he would gain their respect something he's never really done in his biggest wins.

Don't believe all that fucking hype of Oscar taking the biggest challenge in Pac man.
I like Manny Pac a lot and he's a great fighter and yes the gate and mass world wide appeal with him would be bigger than with Antonio. But Antonio is the biggest fight out there and the hottest fighter right now and this fight makes perfect sense after the Pac man fight provided Oscar wins.

It's a chance for Oscar to finally win over the hearts of the Mexican people. What better way for him to retire and end all the hypocrisy? That's a title he's never won and it would be a true crowning moment in his career that would echo in the hall of fame for quite sometime.

Crunch numbers against that Schaefer!

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