Thursday, October 9, 2008

This Fighter Doesn't Buy The Hype.

Much is being made of Floyd Mayweather Sr. training Ricky Hatton and what to expect when he faces Paulie “The Magic Man” Malignaggi. Like Paulie I agree, big fucking deal!

Fighters know that a trainer can't change a fighter much with two months of training before a big fight. I just can't understand the timing of these trainers changes. In Hatton like De La Hoya, why right before a big fight?!

If Floyd Sr. is to have any lasting changes with Ricky he would need at last a couple fights to prove the changes. Two months isn't shit and it's all hope and hype on team Hatton's part. We all know Floyd Sr. talks a lot of shit but he knows damn well that you can't expect miracles with only spending eight weeks with a fighter. A non athletic, non committed, and out of shape in between fights fighter like Hatton on top of that.

Look at this picture of Ricky fighting. His lack of defense has always been evident. He leaves himself way too wide open and that's dangerous with a fast handed fighter like Paulie. No matter if people think Paulie slaps, he's a smart enough fighter to take advantage of this.

Mayweather has A LOT of re programming to do and to be facing a fast handed fighter on top of that in Paulie doesn't look good.

Paulie knows this and doesn't sweat it. He knows what kind of fighter Ricky is and what he will resort back to in the fight. Back to his old lack of defense habits.

I think people are really over looking on how tough Paulie is. I mean watch the Cotto fight again! Paulie showed big balls and grit in that fight! A worn Hatton is NO WHERE near that type of fighter. Paulie's movement and speed of top of that should cause Ricky fits. IF Paulie uses his strengths wisely.

My point in this post is that management puts way to much faith in hoping a new trainer will work miracles before a big fight. Fighters know it doesn't work like that and that it takes time to see lasting changes.

Mayweather in my opinion wasn't a smart choice. I think Flyd takes away from Ricky's fading strengths. Why not Kevin Rooney? It would have made perfect sense. Kevin's style of D'Amato training would have added nicely to Ricky's smothering style of fighting. Lack of head movement and footwork was always Ricky's weakness.

Rooney would install constant head movement and punching in on angles. I even think the style Kevin teaches would have a lasting affect far more than Mayweather's in just eight weeks or so of training.

Team Hatton is believing the hype. Paulie Malignaggi sure the hell isn't and I think we may see a surprising fight come fight night.

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