Monday, November 17, 2008

Larry Knows Best.?

I know it usually takes everyone a few hours to figure out what the fuck Larry was saying or even meant with his parting thoughts, but this weekend he was right on the money with saying he would like to see Jermain Taylor right back in the ring.

Taylor was never a busy fighter and although he looked very good against a shot Jeff Lacy he needs to jump right back in the ring to gain his swagger back. It looks like 168 is going to be a great stop for Jermain but we'll know more with another fight.

Lets hope Jermain doesn't stall his progress by waiting six months before fighting again. If I was his brain trust I would get him back in the ring before years end. It would be wise to have him sharp and ready for some big fights in upcoming 09.

Activity is just what Jermain seems to need at this point of his career. Larry didn't have me scratching my head and reaching for another beer to ponder where he was going. That was a pleasant surprise and nice for a change!

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