Monday, January 12, 2009

You Better Be Adding This To Your Training For Improved Boxing Performance.

I was asked recently how important I thought massage was to a fighters performance. In my opinion and what I see is that fighters don't get enough how quality deep tissue work. Deep tissue work is vital to keeping trigger points ( tight taut knots of muscle tissue ) from limiting your boxing performance.

I know a quality deep tissue therapist is expensive but you can also look into a massage therapy school and pay half the price that you would for an experienced therapist. Keep in mind you get what you pay for and the quality won't be as good as comes with an experienced therapist but it beats nothing at all.

Another alternative is using a foam roller to address tissue quality. The foam roller is great for improving mobility as well. It's a wonderful simple tool for recovery and improving tissue quality that'll lessen the chance of any soft tissue injuries that can happen in training.

Bottom line, get some deep tissue work done or roll to increase your chance of making it to the fight without a hidden injury.

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