Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The clip board trainer rant..

You see the clip board trainers around. We all do. they are the ones who are usually full of shit and don't know how to coach lifts so they play musical chairs with the machines and shout like cheerleaders.

They will then scribble something down on their clip board as if their client performed some feat.

I actually seen this trainer have his male client perform the seated adduction exercise. This trainer needed to be brought to the locker room to have his ass kicked for that!

Seriously, We are in this business to make people better. Not just herd them around equipment like cattle!

These clip board trainers lack basic program design skills, they lack how to qualify a person for an exercise, they lack how to ascend and descend an exercise.

What they do most is tarnish our industry more and more everyday.

Their insecurities of teaching exercises and having their clients perform them are obvious in their clients program design.

Oh, and when they do try to do a real exercise it looks like complete garbage. I'm telling you it's freaking hilarious watching these clip board trainers clients perform squats and lunges!

Disgusting is more like it.

I actually had this out of shape, weak, pudgy trainer come up to me one time asking if I wouldn't slam down the weights as I was performing a 510lb. 3 rm dead-lift.

Huh?! You got to be kidding me..

Sure chubby.. I'll just gently lower them down... You know what lifting heavy weights are like don't you?

Yes I have seen it's been a struggle for you to spot and help up the bar when your female client is doing a 110lb 8 rm bench press but I believe you.

The sad thing is there is nothing we can do about these trainers. They are more and more polluting the commercial gyms.

Beware of the clip board trainers..

Beware of them snitching on you if you attempt to use the facility to actually lifts heavy weights and get strong.

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