Wednesday, March 28, 2007

You Gotta Love It

I sparred this heavier than usual Heavyweight the other day. It was quite a difference for sure being in the ring with a guy carrying 15 pounds more.

People just don't understand what an extra 15 pounds can feel like in the ring. Just having a guy trying to lay on you and the in fighting is so different.

The good thing is your speed which I used nicely shows.. But again.. Damn.. when I got hit by a few jabs I was like to myself whoooo! Man those are heavy jabs..

I love it though!.. The contact. The intensity.. It's awesome.. Still after all these years.. It's great to enter the ring..

The next day though my neck was sore from taking a few jabs.. Even my hair hurt! The soreness believe it or not felt good. This is what compete sparring feels like.

It's very important to switch up your sparring partners. you can get good at just their style. Switching your sparring partners up allows you to stay sharp and adapt. Getting in their with heavier guy's teaches you allot too as it feels different.

Getting in their with the bigger boys reminds you to keep those hands up, elbows in protecting the ribs, and be ready to feel sore the next day!

You gotta love it though...

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