Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The Power Of Working Off An Effective Jab.

One of the best middleweight fights in some time took place last weekend between Kelly Pavlik and Jermain Taylor.

Kelly surprised many in stopping the champion Taylor. Kelly did it by first coming off the canvas earlier in the fight. That alone was amazing.

After such a hard round, what got Kelly back in the fight?

The jab... That jab of his continuously bothered Taylor. It bothered him so much that it became his main focus in the end.

What do you think happened to Taylor do to that? He got hurt badly and dropped by a right hand and uppercut that's what.

After the early knock down Kelly stayed poised and stayed with what was working well for him.That long jab of his. He could back Taylor up with that jab and then unload those heavy hands of his.

I give Kelly lots of props... He got dropped hard, but stayed with what was working well for him. He would land heavy punches behind that jab.

Young fighters must study this and learn how the jab can set up the to be power punches that follow it.

That was the key in Kelly's win last weekend. The KO was the reward for his work...

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