Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Q/A Throwing The Straight Right Hand Punch.

Hey whats up Rob, I have a question about the straight right punch. I know it starts from the foot and goes up to the waist then the upper body. I am an orthodox fighter. should I move my right foot first then my leg then my hips then my upper body? should my right foot move .1 seconds before my upper body does? please help. Willy

Willy, I wouldn't get to geeked out with .1 seconds or anything like that. The punch starts up, and goes through the foot, hip, trunk, shoulder, arm.

Just start the punch from the ground up and relax. Don't suffer from paralysis by analysis when throwing it.

That's what shadow boxing in front of a mirror is for, you can monitor your technique.Chunk the technique down. You can groove good technique of the right hand so you don't have to over think, or think really much about it at all.

When working the heavy bag, or punch mitts, you will know you're not throwing it right because the power just won't be there. It also just won't feel right. That's why groove it in shadow boxing, until it's right.

Take your time with it bro. You will get it down.

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