Saturday, November 10, 2007

BIG Fight Tonight Along With A BIG Undercard

Tonight's fight between Cotto-Mosley guarantees lots of action. Both like to fight and welcome a brawl with smiles of their faces.

Even more action will be featured on the under card with fighters like Antonio Magarito, Joel Casamayor and viscous up and comer Victor Ortiz all lacing them up.

It's rare that the above World Class Fighters all appear on the same card.

Don't expect this to happen often, like it did in the 90's with Don King promoted boxing cards.

Shit, former champ Magarito and current Lightweight Champ Casamayor often headline anticipated fight cards.

Keep your eye on the ultra talented 19-1-1 14 kos welterweight Victor Ortiz, this dude is well on his way to being the next must see fighter in boxing.

Margarito is seeking another big fight, so look for him to be spectacular tonight. Word is, if Margarito and Cotto both win they could be pitted against each other next.

Casamayor, who is considered to be the true lightweight champ, has a tough fight against Santa Cruz who has sparred with Joel before.

Props must be given out to the ageless and sage promoter Bob Arum and Golden Boy Promotions for putting this card together and staging it at Madison Square Garden. This fight has LONG been sold out, and earlier this week they brought in an extra 3,000 seats to fill demand!

This reflects great promotion along with the ever increasing drawing power of Cotto. Yes, Cotto fighting future hall of famer Mosley has a lot to do with the Garden selling out too.

Enjoy the fights tonight!

Oh ya, your probably wondering who I'm picking to win tonight. I gotta tell you guys that I'm driving myself NUTS playing out so many different scenarios in my head, that the drinking is starting early today!

Both these guys are so good and do a lot of things great, it makes it so hard to pick.

Shane has the speed, but Cotto has had a taste of speed in his last fight with Judah. Cotto has that punishing body attack, and relentless style that Shane hasn't faced in awhile.

I really think though that the biggest factor tonight will be Cotto's fresh youth and will. I see Mosley having many moments in the fight, but with the crowd on Cotto's side, and along with his super human drive, I think that will allow Cotto to take over in the later half of the fight.

Either way, it's going to be a great night of boxing!

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