Monday, November 5, 2007

The Secret To Boxing? Developing Solid Fundamentals In Your Boxing Training.

I listened to an interview with Colt's Coach Tony Dungy today on ESPN. Dungy commented on how well coached the Patriots are, and how well the fundamentals are ingrained in their play.

Dungy stated, Their so fundamentally sound, you can't make mistakes, and they're so good fundamentally, they cause you to make mistakes.

It's the same in boxing. I remember meeting and talking with renowned boxing trainer Teddy Atlas about fundamentals.

Teddy trains his fighters to be flawless in technique. The basics are covered over and over again. Atlas has his new fighters work on foot work and ring movement for up to four weeks before teaching them to punch!

Teddy told me on how impatient some of his fighters can get. They want to learn it all.. NOW.. Teddy knows that you can't get ahead of yourself when training fighters. Boxing training is meant to teach skill. To ingrain flawless and ass kicking technique. If you can't do the basics well, why move on? This seems to be missing a lot nowadays.

I apply the same philosophy in training my fighters. We develop sound fundamentals. We don't make stupid mistakes. When old school trainers come up to me and comment on how good my fighters technique looks in their fights, I take that to heart and know I'm doing my job.

So coaches and fighters, don't underestimate the basics. Solid basics alone can win you fights.

Don't get ahead of yourselves and do a lot of things good. Develop the fundamentals so can build an intimidating foundation, and do many things great!

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