Monday, January 21, 2008

Shadow boxing with hand weights. Know why and how to use them in your boxing training.

I just had to repost this reply I gave about shadow boxing with hand weights awhile ago. In the gym today, I see some guys using too much weight and I think throwing punches.

These are my thoughts on the use of hand weights in your boxing training.

Q: Whats the bottom line on shadow boxing with light weights like 2lb, productive or not.

Straight up question i know, I've heard a lot of people discuss this my trainer has me do it, i respect him a lot so i do whatever he says cause he hasn't led me wrong so far just want to see what you think about this. J

RP: As long as the weights don't impede technique then no worries.

The last Rocky movie could have been the worst thing to happen to strength/conditioning fighters cause of the whacked shit Sly did in that flick.

Attempting to throw lame ass uppercuts with those heavy dumbbells and other not so cool looking methods look cutting edge to the misinformed but are you F****** kidding me are the thoughts to the ones in the know.

Trainers and fighters get the wrong idea when using loaded resistance while practicing technique.

It's true SPP, as long as it grooves and enhances proper technique, skill, performance.

No disrespect to your trainer, but many trainers just use methods without knowing why or questioning, are they appropriate for my fighter at this stage? They should be able to educate their fighters this is why we are doing this so there is NO doubt, only total trust.

Bottom line, knowing what your doing, why,is it necessary? and when it should be done,usually will transfer.

Generally speaking, being to sport specific and loading the movement patters too aggressively defeats the purpose and retards performance by instilling poor motor engrams( movement patters) for which you are training.

Shadow boxing is meant for warming up J and grooving proper technique. Again as long as you are maintaining and really improving technique with the 2lb db's you'll be fine.

I know 2lbs doesn't sound like much, but I wouldn't make it a habit of always shadow boxing with hand weights.

Same goes when using the super bag gloves with the weights you can put in the wrist.. Be careful

You will know when you load yourself too much, as the body doesn't lie.
Now you know the why to not do that J and you can armor yourself a bit now from the HEAVY bullshit out there...

The best and real coaches understand strength/conditioning and skill.

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