Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Povetkin -Chambers Proved that Boxing Is 90% Mental.

Those with a lot of experience in the fight game know that boxing is 90% mental. Getting in great shape doesn't guarantee anything. If any of you watched the Povetkin-Chambers fight you witnessed that first hand.

Chambers started off very fast. He continually beat Povetkin to the punch as Povetkin's frustration showed. Chambers looked confident, cool, relaxed, while in between rounds it looked like Povetkin was a chain smoker! The dude was huffing and puffing like he smoked three packs a day!

The turn in the fight came when Povetkin forced his will on Chambers. Although it looked like Alexander was going to hyperventilating in the corner he continued to out worked Eddie as he took over the fight. Eddie just stopped fighting?! He had no answer. Many are still baffled by this. What happened? Why couldn't he answer back with his own will? Was it the big stage and HBO lights? Lack of big fight experience? People have to understand, that it's a tug of war of wills in a fight. Evander Holyfield said it best when saying " The fight starts when both men are tired"

Eddie's father and Buddy McGirt couldn't get through to Eddie in between rounds. It was Eddie's mindset. Only he could flip the switch back on. He just didn't do it. His hunger wasn't there. Povetkin it seemed took Eddie's will and ground it up.

Remember, It's not how you start the fight, it's how you finish. Povetkin was the mentally stronger fighter in the fight as the out come proved. He showed why boxing is boxing is 90% mental.

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