Monday, February 4, 2008

If a fighter stops fighting...How do you make them fight?

Alwyn Cosgrove emailed asking what I would have said to Eddie Chambers in between rounds to make him fight in his last fight against Povetkin. Eddie was NOT listening to his father and Buddy McGirt between rounds. He mysteriously quit fighting!

I agreed with Alwyn in saying that I would have thrown in the towel to stop the fight. All it takes is one shot to really fuck you up. If a fighter isn't listening to your instructions and isn't fighting back... Stop the damn fight! This will teach the fighter that you won't play around in stopping the fight again if he/she stops fighting. The sour taste of having the towel thrown in will forever stay with the fighter urging him/her to action in future fights.

I had an amateur coach who would stop the fight in a heart beat if the fighters didn't answer back or quit fighting. It taught everyone that Gene didn't play around in the corner. We better fight or get the hell out.

In stopping the fight in this situation, a trainer is truly looking out for his fighter. Situations like this often propels a fighter to future great performances. The fighter now knows that they've got no choice!

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