Thursday, February 7, 2008

Does a jacked boxer equal a KO artist? How about in amateur boxing?

Is it possible to be an effective boxer and not have that much muscle? I mean look at guys like Tito Trinidad and Kelly Pavlik, epically Pavlik being a knockout artist, I was just wondering if their both great fighters and don't have that much arm strength then is it really necessary to have it? What about in amateur boxing where the point isn't to score a KO just to score points?

Yes... Pavlik punches with great leverage and Tito did too with his left hook. The power is not in the arms it come from the legs, core, lats, they deliver the most power. The power is in the mechanics/technique and the intention ( attitude ). Just because a guy is jacked doesn't mean shit. The cns ( central nervous system, brain ) thinks in terms of movements, not muscle. So if a fighter is really jacked, the question is, is the cns educated/trained in terms of moving with power?

Right, Amateur boxing is really a whole different sport than pro boxing. I teach a pro style to my amateurs, not that pity pat bullshit. The point system is different along with how the fights are fought and punches thrown. The focus is on accurate volume of punches landed. So power punchers often get out worked. I don't call that style the Sweat Science. There are some good amateurs who don't all fight like that.

Just because your a really good amateur with that style doesn't mean you'll be a great pro. Hmm... Notice how 04 Gold Medalist Andre Ward is being moved along ever so slow!

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