Sunday, February 10, 2008

The belt is supposed to make the fighter better. What the hell happened?

The old timers would often say that the belt makes the fighter better. Quite often the fighter proves this true as the earned name champion makes the fighter fight harder to keep his belt.

This was not the case this weekend with the very hyped WBO champion Paul Williams. The Punisher was the one that was punished for his foolishness of over looking Quintana during his preparation or lack there off.. He obviously didn't train like he should have for this fight.

Quintana laid the blueprint on how to beat Williams. Great lateral movement, a stiff jab, and crisp counter punches kept Paul out of his rhythm. Quintana kept to his fight plan AND did everything he said he was going to do against the punisher.

Paul showed a lot of flaws in this fight. I mean he would through lazy punches and often dropping his hands or brining them back slow. The quick counter punches of Quintana made him pay. Brilliant on Quintans part! Paul didn't adapt and adjust. He did for a bit but then lost focus. Champions don't fight that way.

That's what you get when you buy into all that shit the nut huggers yell in you ear while your training like your fighting a bum. Not a professional approach at all. His whole team included. They all got a REAL lesson in this fight.

Paul needs to clean up his technique and basics. He needs to quite reading the headlines on how feared he is or really now was. This could be the type of fight though that polishes the punisher. This may be the type of fight that lights the fire to really raise the bar on fighting skills and ability. Only time and his next fight will tell though.

His grades in this fight are as follows.

Conditioning- C
Did just enough to stay in the fight, not dominate it.

Strength C- Quintana bullied him around too much.

Power C-
Quintana kept stepping in and countering and countering. No power to keep him at bay.

Speed C+ Paul pushed his punches many times in this fight. He is too WEAK to have real speed. This MUST be addressed!

I will say that Paul needs to get stronger so he can develop some power that will stop a fighter in his tracks. He should be using his lanky long arms to put people to sleep like Kelley Pavlik, Who is another tall lanky fighter. The thing with Pavlik is that he has fight ending power and polished skills.

This fight showed what Paul lacked and needs. Lets see if his team can fix these weaknesses. They shouldn't hesitate be to contact me as I can make Paul live up to his Punisher name. If he wants to be champion again lets get in REAL fight shape and develop the power that will end fights quick behind his high punch output. Paul has all the ability. He just needs the right training to bring it out.

I was impressed with Quintana when he fought and beat Joel Julio. He hung in with Cotto for awhile, no shame in loosing there. Quintana appears to be the type of fighter who WILL improve with the belt and being a champion. I will give him a hellava chance to beat the Cintron-Margarito winner. He could easily out box both.

Quintana's grades.

Conditioning- B+ he was gassed good in the last round. Needs better conditioning so he can box well the WHOLE fight and not get caught by power punchers Cintron and Margarito. Road work of slow paced 6-8 mile jogs won't do it either.

Strength B- Mauled and pushes around the weak Punisher at will in the inside. Didn't do that against the strong Cotto. Needs to improve big time if he's to fight the above power punchers.

Power B- Stung Paul pretty good causing him to hold on at times in the fight. Quintana's style doesn't allow him to be a real power puncher. Still some more power will be needed to stop the bigger and stronger Cintron-Magarito from marching right in.

Speed-A You have to give him an A for coming over Paul's jab and countering. Using quick lateral movement then moving in and getting his shots in over a lazy defense. Great work.

Quintana will be rewarded for this great win with fighting the winner of Cintron-Margarito and making A LOT of $$$ doing it. He needs improvement too. If he gets it, we could again be hearing... AND NEW in his next fight.

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