Thursday, February 28, 2008

This is the crap that goes on behind the scenes in boxing.

Alwyn Cosgrove emailed me this...

To say I wasn't disgusted and pissed as much as Alwyn was is an understatement. Damn, just when you start to feel great about the momentum boxing is gaining you get assholes like WBC that shit like this.

Look, we all know who the good fighters are. We know the TRUE champions. How much does the ring magazine champ have to pay in sanctioning fees? Not a damn dime! They have more recognition than most off these fighters wearing this junk belts. Notice when a fighter unifies, he doesn't stay so for long. These alphabet soup dip shits KILL the sport, suck from the fighters. Every fighter should do what Riddick Bowe did years ago ( although his reason was for ducking Lennox Lewis ) throw their belts in the trash and wear the ring belt that carries no corruption with pride!

I met Greg Sirb several times and he is a class act. Boxing needs more people with the passion of the sport and respect for the fighters that Sirb has. WBC President Jose Sulaiman sure as hell doesn't have any.

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