Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Looking back on Varquez-Marquez III

So far it's the fight of the year. Both get an A+ in their performances. Both fighters came in superb condition and as hungry as their first encounter. Both showed tremendous conditioning, speed, strength, power, and the special ingredient.... will

I thought Pat Russell did a great job by taking a deducting a point for low blows and by calling the knockdown in the last round. Terrific calls. He maintained control of the fight by deducting a point for the belt line low blow. Low blows take the fight out of the fighter and can ruin such a great fight. Russel didn't allow one of those to sneak in. Marquez was obviously held up by the ropes preventing the knock down. I can't believe that Gary Shaw is protesting it! His fat ass knows damn well it was a great call!

Watching that fight you were just in awe of the physical and mental conditioning of both fighters. Performances like this make you proud to be a boxing fan. That's why both fighters deserve A+ grades and beyond for their effort. Sigh...If only the heavyweights could put forth such an effort... Sigh.

Maybe the score will be evened in four. Meaning Vazquev-Marquez IV... But both need a LONG rest for that fight even being mentioned!

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