Thursday, March 6, 2008

Why it's not wise to go to failure in your boxing strength training.

I often hear people talking about how great it is in going to failure in their supplementary strength training for boxing? Why I say? Why instill faulty movement patterns and create shit motor engrams? How can going to failure at the end of your push up set while it looks like you're fucking the floor benefit you? It can't and it's a bad idea.

Maybe it's the go hard or go home mindset that makes coaches and fighters think and act this way. Strength training will only enhance your sporting skill if it's applied correctly. Many seem to over look this.

Instead of going to failure keep a good rep or two in the tank at the end of the set. This eliminates faulty movement patterns ensuring proper motor engraming ( stored movement patterns in the brain ) , improves recovery, while also reducing the chance of injury.

The motto is...train don't drain. Don't fuck up your boxing skill with a garbage approach to your strength training.

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