Monday, March 10, 2008

Grading The Big Fight Weekend.

Well David Haye did what he said he was going to do in his fight against Enzo Maccarinelli. He exited the cruserweight division unifying the titles with a spectacular A+ KO of Enzo. David has a lot of people excited. He will bring much needed excitement to the dreadful heavyweight division whether he wins a title or not.

The Sam Peter and Oleg Maskaev fight was a joke! Yeah there was one good round and that was it. Both get an F ( Peter's power/strength is a B+ though when he doesn't hit in the back of the head and yes he did hit Oleg clean so he earns two good grades) and it's scary to think that people are calling Sam Peter the future of the heavyweight division. I think not. When the hell is Tony Thompson going to get his chance! If Tony fights Peter, Tony beats his ass! The dude has skill and heart. Peter has no skill and it's sad to see a fighter who relentlessly clubs fighter in the back of the head to earn the majority of his KO's champion.

The best fight on HBO was Diaz-Campbell. Campbell did what he said he was going to do against Diaz and that was to bring it all night long. He did and Nate won his first tile at ht e young age of 36! Juan Diaz is the fighter who usually overwhelms his opponents with his non stop punching. He finally faced a fighter who would not wilt but return the favor forcing his will and earning the big win. Nate Campbell showed great conditioning A+, Strength A, Power A, opening a cut with his power and stopping Diaz from marching in, Speed A, He was catching Diaz with good hooks and uppercuts early in the fight when Diaz was still in it. His corner earns an A+ too in having Nate ready and keeping him focused to the final bell. Great job by former 2X Champ John David Jackson's team. y!

Coming this weekend is an awesome mega fight with a score to settle. I'm talking about Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manual Marquez . The true big men once again take center stage. This fight is guaranteed to satisfy!

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