Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Q/A: Corrective exercise for forward head.

I remember reading from you a while back about an exercise to prevent forward head posture where you lean back against a wall. Do you think neck extensions with a head harness would work for that too?

Hey Alex, first of all if there are muscle imbalances in the pelvic region ( lower cross syndrome) they must be addressed first as the pelvis is a major postural control center so if there is an upper cross syndrome there is more likely a lower cross syndrome as well.

Yes training the neck in extension will help.

When correcting postural imbalances training the postural muscles in static correct postural alignment work very well to improve imbalance. Prone cobras are another excellent postural corrective exercise correcting forward head, shoulder pronation, pronation of arms and thoracic kyphosis. Alex try using them at first with 5 sec holds-5 sec. rest, working to 10's on, 10's off, try holding for 30's, then 60's and progressing to 2 min. This works very well cause your training the postural muscles in this desired correct alignment for long holds.

Keep in mind Alex it's best to keep at least one corrective postural exercises in your training program to combat faulty posture and improve maintain proper balance as sport and ergonomic of life alter them.

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