Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fat camp or training camp?

If Ricky wants to make it out of boxing without any serious long lasting damage his team better start conducting training camps instead of fat camps. Seriously, he could have made a statement in Lazcano fight proving that he is indeed back better than ever. That was hardly the case. What he did prove is that he is a very hittable fighter that has not improved in the skills department for quite some time.

Ricky MUST begin to act like a world class pro now by keeping his weight in check between fights by altering his lifestyle and partaking in a strength/conditioning program that improves his dire needs of strength, speed, power, endurance. He showed little of these qualities in fading against Lazcano and he'll get his ass severely kicked by the next world class fighter he faces unless these are improved.

Bottom line, Ricky's training camps are grueling fat camps that are tailored to drop the weight quick. Look at the way he hits the heavy bag with his hands damn near down by his waist! He doesn't have the type of reflexes to get away with this flaw. My point is that there is no focus on improving skill or adding to his style. team Hatton must bring in another coach like John David Jackson who can instill some solid defense into Ricky's style. Cause what they're doing now sure the hell isn't working. Just watch the replay of his fight against Lazcano as it shows the obvious.

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