Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Q/A: Strength Training for a granite chin?

Hey, is there anyway that you can train your "chin" - to be able to take more hits? I've heard of doing neck extension, while holding the weight from a towel that you bite on. Is this an urban legend or does it actually work? Thanks-David.

David, work of good defense so you don't get caught hard. Learn how to roll with punches so you can roll away from the power.

Look at a very hard to hit fighter like Winky Wright. What's so special about him? He keeps his hands up and elbows tucked. Pretty basic, but done very well.

Your ability to tolerant pain is within you. But do warm up properly before sparring and the fight moving your jaw around so everything is lubed and ready.

Work on your defensive skills bro. You know why most guys jaws get broke or fractured in fights? Cause their mouths are wide open when they fatigue.

Train with a mouth piece and bite down on that keeping your mouth closed on it learning to breath with it while you're training and tired. This will protect your jaw in the fight.

Hands up, chin tucked, mouth closed, and you can't go wrong David.

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