Sunday, June 1, 2008

Q/A: Gifted but lazy fighters.

Hey Rob,

Couple of questions as to your approach to fighters training. Do you favour a block training approach programmed from fight to fight, and have you ever experienced one of your athletes who perhaps relies on natural talent too much prompting them to become lackdaisical with regard to their athletic development?

Last question, Nigel Benn/Roy Jones both in their prime how do you see it going?

Kevin, Great questions as always. I use a conjugated approach with cybernetic periodization. This is boxing and life, the real world.

Yes, I've had several fighters who relied on natural talent too much and didn't put in more quality hard work so what I did and do is put these fighters in way over there head with very experienced fighters OR I myself spar them( I can still get down pretty good in the ring) and light them up a bit to make them realize what they really need more of and that talent isn't enough without hard work and the talent they have has only taken them so far and the bar has now been raised on them with this sparring. The others see this and get the point.

That is coaching. Ass beatings/gym wars do have their place so as not to sound like a hypocrite as I do not favor them except for certain instances or scenarios like this. I will NOT ever put up with fighters who don't put in the work, I'm their trainer, my name is stamped on them, if they don't put in the work even after an ass kicking, out the door they go. I take full responsibility for my fighters and everyone knows right off the bat upon working with me that half ass work ethic is not accepted no matter what talent level.

I also give my fighters home work on youtube as far as old time fighters they must study and what to study, this keeps the bar raised too but in a more pleasant way. This study is FAR overlooked by many. You got to go way back for true skill or watch a young Pernell Whitaker, James Tony, Winky, Hopkins.

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