Thursday, July 24, 2008

Leaving the fight in the gym.

I've read how team Margarito's approach to training has changed for the better. In the past Margarito trained far too hard and brutal often leaving the fight in the gym. While still being victorious he didn't perform as he should have because of his early peaking. This is one of the biggest problems I see with fighters. In the past it was a question of not training enough, now the pendulum has swayed to over training.

Ricky Hatton and many others do it as a way of just making weight. The victory on the scale is often more impressive than their victory in the ring. ( Provided they win at all. )

Recovery in boxing camps is often an after though or a sign of weakness or seen as not training hard enough. It's great to see that some teams have finally seen the light and are realizing that recovery and monitoring training intensity are often the missing ingredients to a brilliant and dominating performance in the ring.

Both Cotto and Magarito seem to be well prepared and ready to peak at fight night this Saturday night. I think there's going to be a helluva war this weekend in that ring!

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