Monday, July 28, 2008

Magarito proves again what the most important ingredient is.

Last weekends fight between Miguel Cotto-Antonio Margarito lived up to all the hype and then some. It was another classic Puerto Rican vs Mexican war.

For the first five rounds Cotto was the better fighter. He was fighting a brilliant fight doing everything right except moving to his left. It looked like Cotto would win another big fight. He was snapping Margarito's head back and sideways YET Antonio KEPT coming.... Despite all the momentum Cotto built and the power shots landed Antonio kept the pressure on when other fighters would have packed it in.

Margarito might not have been as polished as Cotto coming in but he proved he was tougher and wanted it more. His heart and will over came Miguel taking the fight out of him. That is a very special fighter to do that. Heart, will and toughness were the special ingredients that made the not so skilled Carmen Basillio, Rocky Graziano, and Gene Fullmer champions.

Despite their lack of athleticism and skill they achieved what they wanted through shear will. Fights like Cotto-Margarito prove that you can never count a fighter out no matter how he looks early in the fight. It proved that a fighter like Margarito that who possess super human will is very dangerous to the end. This fight made you say wow and if you weren't a Margarito fan you are now or at lest have a lot of admiration for him.

I picked Cotto to win for the reasons he displayed early on. I'll admit, I took Margarito's toughness, heart and will for granted. He proved me and many wrong. Both fighters were in outstanding condition and that wasn't a factor in Cotto loosing. This was again a lesson on how will can change and crush a fighter when he appears to have all the physical advantages. It doesn't matter, we learned again, what's inside matters most.

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