Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beaten Before Competing.

The USA Olympic boxing team has been off to a bad start even before the Olympics started. The typical bitching and moaning of the head coach has caused a rift in the team. I don't agree with appointing a head coach who has not trained the fighters who made the team. The coaches that got them there should work their corners.

The politics and structure of USA boxing is just such a joke and to think of them as elite?! Those days have loooong been gone. The powers that be are VERY over rated and under qualified. Think I'm full of shit? Sending a team to the Olympics with bitching and moaning of the questionable training methods of the head coach is guaranteeing disaster. The disaster appears to be taking shape.

This doesn't surprise me and neither does the news of the teams best boxer Gary Russel Jr. failing to make weight. What does surprise me and disgust me is the news of Russel being found unconscious from trying to make weight.

This is beyond ridiculous to happen at this level and at this time.

You all here me talk in disgust about the pro fighters who abuse their bodies making weight, well it's FAR worse in the amateurs. Fucking fat camps taking place before competing. If these coaches were competent at all they would know that draining a fighter to make weight all but eliminates their chances of winning a medal. But to have our best fighter do this?!

We never heard stories of Pernell Whitaker, Mark Breland, Meldrick Taylor torturing themselves to make weight during the Olympics. Those guys were highly skilled as they proved in the Olympics and the pros there after.

What the fuck ever happened to testing your skills against the best at your natural weight? Why is dropping down a weight class or two seen as such an advantage? How can putting the fighter through such a taxing experience be seen as an advantage of that fighter being stronger once making weight and seemingly regenerating?

Staying at the fighters true natural weight is the REAL advantage. That fighter is licking his chops at the news of the fighters he will be facing putting themselves through hell to make weight.

Our amateur program is whack in more ways than one and the bullshit news of our best fighter being found unconscious is all the proof you need.

I also heard of a Great Britain fighter not even trying to weight in cause he knew he was way off. FIGHT AT YOUR NATURAL WEIGHT!

If these coaches are truly confident that they are teaching their fighters the proper skills they would have their fighters stay at their natural weight as the skills and the well rested bodies of their fighters would be the true advantage.

Dropping down is such bullshit and has gotten way out of hand. Our USA Boxing program should be ashamed of themselves and should check themselves as to get true coaches with balls and knowledge of the human body that can take our team to the top.

I know this much, it isn't happening this Olympics. The politics of our program are embarrassing our Nation when all eyes are watching.

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