Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nobody to blame but himself.

Raushee Warren should be moving on in the Olympics if it wasn't for his listening to the wrong voices. Raushee chose to listen to the voices from the crowd that were yelling for him to move instead of the instruction of his corner for him to score. Who's in charge anyway?

I don't feel sorry one bit for Raushee, even if you think you are ahead and the crowd thinks you are, you never take anything for granted and must seal the deal. He didn't. He lost and should have listened to his coaches pleas. Those are the voices that should be filling your ear amidst all the crazy cheering and yelling. That bothers me that the corner didn't have his attention.

This is Olympic boxing, we all now the scoring system is fucking bullshit, but if you're going to run, save it for the track and not the ring.

With Raushee's experience he should have known better. Bullshit scoring or not, go out punching not running. Obviously your chances of winning are better in a close fight.

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