Monday, September 22, 2008

Q/A: The importance of neck training in your boxing training workouts.

Hey as a boxer how important do you think neck training is. I have been doing wall leans currently and thats about it i was going to buy a neck harness.

You know of any other good ways to train the neck besides the bridge, that exercise just doesn't seem right to me.

also with wall leans I train all 4 sides of my neck leaning against the back, front, and sides of my head. I keep my back straight and everything align is this a good exercise to be doing for boxing.

also I train my back a lot with rows and dead lifts and face pulls. Thanks, J

J...Strengthening the neck/cervical region is very important in a boxer's training.

A neck harness works well, you can train side flexion with it too.

Try iso band holds with jump stretch bands Bands and Tubing. Increase the intensity of the holds by using a larger band and holding longer. Try starting off with 10 sec. holds, you can train flexion, extension, side flexion. Great for strengthening the neck.

J, Wall leans work great to correct forward head and strengthen the muscles of the lower cervical spine. ( along with stretching the subobcipital muscles by performing the chin tuck stretch.)

To increase the intensity hold a weight plate, med. ball, etc.

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matt said...

Do you think that keeping the head down whilst boxing is the contributing factor of forward head posture ? I own a boxing bag and have poor posture.... I thought that using a heavy bag whilst being conscious of my posture would help improve any muscle imbalances?