Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Another new trainer for a fighter with no identity and the same old excuses.

Yes, it's official. Oscar has another new trainer. Get ready for the same old bulls hit of Oh Man! I've been learning so much in this camp and doing things I got away from. Buuuut. Will Oscar throw Nacho Beristain under the bus if he loses like he did to Freddie Roach?

I think Nacho is a great trainer and on paper it makes sense for Oscar to be working with him since Nacho trained Juan Marquez for his two close fights with Manny.

The thing is Juan had a lot of success with his awesome counter punching against Manny. That's his style. That's what neutralized Manny along with his super human grit. Oscar isn't a counter puncher though. What the hell is his style anyways can anyone tell me? Eight weeks or so isn't long enough to transform him into that style. What is he going to fall back on in a close fight?

Oscar has never taken full responsibility for his performances. The trainer is the first to be blamed after a loss. That's the problem though, Oscar has never gelled into his own. I mean look at all the success he had with the jab against Mayweather and he abandons it?! Where's the discipline there? That issue is with the fighter NOT the trainer. Roach was not to be blamed. The bottom line is great fighters stick with what works and use it till they win. Is Oscar a great fighter?

You never heard of Ali running through trainers, How about the great Sugar Ray Robinson? He did have over eight trainers either. They both were great and took responsibility and molded a style of their own.

So get ready for the same old camp notes from Oscar. All the fucking hype. He has to pull the trigger though and like Roach knows, he can't.

For as long as Oscar has been in boxing you'd think he would test drive Nacho first in a tune up fight! The timing for Oscar to change trainers again before a big fight against a fighter with big balls and heart is fucking foolish. It doesn't matter to Oscar though cause he'll just pass the blame on the trainer ass always. He knows that as long as he's fighting he'll have trainers waiting in line for the opportunity to train the golden boy for mega cash.

Makes you wonder how a trainer like Teddy Atlas would handle this situation. Teddy would handle it by not putting himself in that situation by being short sided focusing on the $$. Teddy turned down Oscar years ago because he saw through all that bullshit. It's time that everyone else opens their eyes to it too. Too bad Nacho won't.

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