Monday, September 29, 2008

A True Throw Back Fighter In Every Way.

It's no secret that Shane Mosley loves to fight. He also loves to train and respects the sport fully by taking care of himself between fights staying in shape. This is why he can still compete on a world class level at 37 years young.

Mosley closed the show brilliantly electrifying the crowd with his twelfth round ko of Mayorga last Saturday night. Shane knew it was a close fight and went in for the kill and got it by jumping right on Mayorga after knocking him down. Shane is a pro's pro. He knows how to fight and he knows how to close the show.

Shane also does what few of these fake ass fighters do now a days by calling out and wanting to throw down with the most dangerous opposition possible. I'm talking about Magarito here. Why doesn't Oscar fight Magarito? Because he isn't what Shane is... A REAL fighter. The same can be said of Mayweather.

Shane has always tested his skills against the best. He just loves to fight! Sure he loves making money too but how many of todays fighters jump at the opportunity to fight the best?

De La Hoya and Mayweather were and are buisness men in winning multiple titles in multiple weight divisions. They often ducked the best while feasting on the weak when collecting belts along the way. Shane is willing to fight the beast that they have been ducking in Magarito.

If they had Mosley's competitive drive and balls they would've engaged in far more competitive and memorable bouts. This is why you are going to see more Mexican fans rooting for Manny Pac when he fights Oscar. Oscar may have millions but he doesn't have his own people's respect. Mayweather has never been a draw for many reasons too.

You got to give Shane much props in closing the show against the awkward Mayorga. If you can't blast out Mayorga out in the first few rounds he can be a pain to deal with as he was last Saturday. His style can throw you off like it did to Forrest and Spinks. Shane fought threw it and fighting all the way.

The way he closed the show is a perfect reflection of his attitude and drive. It takes a lot to get Larry Merchant excited but Larry knows how rare a fighter Shane is. That's why he's a future hall of famer and that's why he'll be missed when he's gone.

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