Monday, October 20, 2008

Experience With Attitude Continues To Be The Best Teacher.

Much to the shock of many this weekend class was in session and Bernard gave the dominating lesson. I thought Bernard could trouble Kelly but I didn't expect him to dominate like he did. What a performance and he solidifies himself as one of the best of our era with that win.

Bernard's footwork, timing, reflexes, fight strategy, and attitude TOTALLY shut the ghost down. Hopkins entered the ring with a performance of a life time mood. That was the key, his mindset.

I'm not like the many out there who are throwing Kelly under the bus. I think this loss will only help Kelly in the long run. He lost to a great fighter, not a bum. I think people are going over board on how bad this loss is. It's never good to lose but to lose and share the ring with an all time great and to experience the many lessons he taught that night can help Kelly if he in turn has the right mindset to learn from it.

Kelly experienced what many fighters will be studying from Bernard now and in the future. Nothing can really prepare you for a old school fighter like Bernard.

Looking back on the fight I'm going to discuss what else I feel led to Kelly's down fall besides Bernard's skills..

1. First of all I don't know why he trained in Youngstown for this fight! I mean he was around way to many people. He was hanging around his friends. He was around his wife and kid. Where's the drive and edge in that? I think he was too comfortable in training for this fight.

Training in seclusion without seeing your family, friends, and having other social outlets hardens and gives you a burning edge going into a fight.
You want to make that other fighter pay for this. Your focus is hardened along with your will. Kelly needs to get his ass out of Youngstown for his future camps and do it like the greats did.

Bernard did it by training in a scorching hot gym in south Florida. No distractions and familiar people. Just he his team and plenty of focus. Wonder why Bernard performed so well last Saturday? It was laid down in that environment.

2. Sparring. Who did Kelly spar for this fight? How come he couldn't adjust? Do they ever work with any fighters with great footwork? Fighters with great upper body movement and different unsuspecting timing? From the looks of it last Saturday night, they don't. Were they banking on a mugging, grappling, low punch out put Hopkins to show up? Did they totally prepare for the wrong Hopkins? From the looks of their fight plan or lack there of, I think so.

Kelly will grow from this as Bernard taught him what he is lacking to take the next step up to greatness. Kelly just can't get there with what he has yet. If he can add better footwork, more fluent movement and rhythm while learning to change up his own punch output and timing. He can bounce right back and be better than ever.

He's only 26 years old and lost his first big fight. So fucking what! Give him a chance to learn and ounce back from this! All the greats lost. They proved they can come back better than ever. Let's give this kid a chance!

That's one thing that sucks about boxing, all the fucking morons that pollute it acting like they're experts when the hottest fighter is winning then talking shit when he losses for the first time against a great fighter no less. The ignorance in boxing is thick. Don't believe me? Browse the top sites and read for yourselves.

I'm telling you though, I know this kid will come back better than ever he's only 26 and has a good head on his shoulders. Losses like this can be good.

He can come back if his team can give him what he needs. They really need to look at themselves more so because a fighter is only has good as he is taught or has experienced. He experienced greatness last Saturday night. Now lets see if he's taught what can take him even higher now.

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