Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Power In Being Unpredictable.

I teach my fighters that predictability gets you beat. One of things that drives me nuts when I train fighters is when they continue to throw one jab. Jab move and jab again. They don't do that long at all because I explain to them how easily a fighter will time that jab and come over it since they know how many jabs will come at them.

The power is in being unpredictable. I'll stay with the jab in my example here. Switching up the tempo of the jab and how many jabs you throw and where are fantastic ways to keep the other fighter guessing. If you keep the other fighter guessing you keep him thinking. If the other fighter is over thinking he will begin to hesitate. If the fighter hesitates that creates great opportunities for you to capitalize and score at will.

You also keep the fighter out of rhythm, off his fight plan, while you're in his head. Want another example? Watch the Pavlik-Hopkins replay.

Hopkins did the unthinkable in that fight. He was the aggressor and lead. Pavlik was totally expecting a low punch output mauling fouling Hopkins. He couldn't adjust and was never allowed to get into his rhythm because Bernard fought totally opposite of the way he usually does.

Sensing and seeing that Kelly was thrown off by this early on, Bernard continued it and built on it round by round until we saw him going for the KO in the 12th round! NOBODY expected to see that! Nobody would have dared to predict that.

Bernard of course created that moment by fighting unpredictable while earing himself the performance of a life time. Kelly and all of us watching were taught many lessons that night, one that we never saw coming.

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