Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fear, Hype, or Insecurity?

It was announced last week that team De La Hoya added 87 year old Angelo Dundee to their team as a consultant. While Angie is no doubt a former great trainer it's been some time since he's been involved with a mega fight.

It's always the same old fucking shit with Oscar. Oscar makes all the big trainer changed right before a big fight. That's the question here, WHY before a big fight? Is it fear of what Manny can do? Is it to hype the fight more and drive more ticket sales by adding famed former great Dundee to the storyline? Or is it that Oscar really is THAT insecure with his skills?

If you are good at reading between the lines and if you've followed Oscar's career thus far, you know the obvious answer. Regardless of the true answer this is a big slap in the face to head trainer Nacho Beristain. About a month ago Oscar was so red in the face by gleefully touting Nacho as the man who knows how to beat Manny like no other.

It really looks like it doesn't it? Nacho is really beginning to find out what kind of pro Oscar is. The fact is Oscar has never been a pro in handling matters while passing the blame.

How the hell can a fighter who has won titles in five weight divisions act like this before big fights? Oscar has NEVER woven a true style like Hopkins. He's always trying to reinvent himself weeks before big fights. Not months, weeks.

Fear, hype, and insecurity can cause a fighter to do strange things at the strangest times.

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