Monday, November 3, 2008

How To Take a Superior Boxer Out Of His Rhythm and Out Of The Fight.

Vic Darchinyan demonstrated last Saturday night what to do to prevent a superior fighter from getting into his fight rhythm and flow.

Vic came out like the bull he is and dropped Cristian Mijares HARD in the first round. Mijares never found his rhythm after that. That knock down was very important for Vic setting up the pace and fight he wanted to fight.

On paper going in Cristian was the better gifted fighter. Many including myself picked Christian to win the fight. We thought he would box circles around Vic while picking him apart. We though Vic's glaring weaknesses would play right into Mijares's many strengths.

Damn were we wrong. Vic showed just how much he has been improving by taking command of the fight early and keeping it. Vic demonstrated improved skill, patience, and composure in his biggest win to date.

Vic really showed how smart of a fighter he was by taking charge early. Many times if you crack a gifted boxer hard early in a fight he can never recover enough from that to find his groove. That was the case last Saturday night and this is another great fight to learn from.

Vic executed his fight plan brilliantly and you could tell they took Cristian seriously and studied him well. The 9th round KO was icing on the cake for a well planned out fight strategy. Kudos to team Darchinyan for an impressive performance.

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