Monday, December 15, 2008

The Best Heavyweight in The World, But Ready To Be Blown Over and Out At Any Moment.

Wladimir Klitshko took care of business against sub and sloppy looking Hasim Rahman in a one sided beat down last Saturday night. Hasim looked to show up just for the check and lets hope we don't hear from his bitch ass again. I say bitch ass because of the way he weaseled out of the Toney rematch and he goes on to perform like this! A fucking joke and embarrassment to his team.

Why was Marshal Kaufman fired weeks before the fight? Why in favor of McGirt? who did give good instructions in the fight. Did Marshal foresee what was coming and voice his concern? Wlad played with Hasim and this fight really sucked to watch!

In watching Wladimir you obviously can appreciate how he uses his size and skill well. Offensively he is there although he has a poor body attack and defensively he's still flawed. Emanuel Steward is notoriously a more offensively minded coach. Watching Wladimir fight you can still see he gets uncomfortable when pressure is applied. ( Not that Hasim applied much! ) He just looks like he can be blown over with a heavy shot at times. I just don't trust his toughness.

How do you expose Wlad's defensive flaws you may be thinking? Look at the Pacquiao- De La Hoya fight that followed this bore fest. You take Wlad's strengths away by turning him and pressuring him. You beat him by using movement ( foot, and head ), power, feints, and HARD counter punching.

A heavyweight that I first laughed at by thinking he could pose a threat to Klitchsko is starting to make me a believer in him. His fight against Barret has nothing to do with my thinking this either.

David Haye has the athleticism, power, speed, and foot work to catch and test Wlad. If he can improve his head movement and shorten his shots by not getting too wild I give him a hellava shot of beating Wlad. Haye has pretty fast feet along with his hands and I think he could punch in on some nice angles created by his footwork. Wlad fights totally different when he worries about what's coming in return or when the other fighter doesn't cooperate and fights his own fight.

Wladimir has everything but a chin. Haye's chin is suspect too but he has balls and would bring it too Wladimir WHICH is what he hates. I feel Hay's pressure if he doesn't make any mistakes could really stress Wladimir and fatigue him as he fatigued against Lamont Brewster. Haye seems to hit harder and is obviously a lot faster than Lamont so you can't help but think he has a great shot.

I tell you what.. If they fight like they should.. It'll be a lot better rather than watching that one sided beat down we seen against that pretender Rahman. Haye comes to fight and will go out on his shield. That's a can't miss fight and one I'll guarantee we'll all enjoy seeing. Wishful thinking on my part? I don't think so. Lets hope this fight happens.

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