Friday, December 19, 2008

Gym Notes: The power of distance and using angles.

I'm going to start blogging now with more gym notes from my gym. I think this will allow everyone to have a great look about what goes on and arises in training fighters.

Tonight at the gym during sparring one of my fighters kept making a basic but yet very over looked mistake. The mistake was getting in position to land the jab and follow up right hand left hook then take 3-4 steps straight back taking himself out of position to get off again.

He would also have success doubling up his jab yet take himself back out of position. I explained to him while he was sparring that he was having success and taking that success away from himself by doing that. You can't fight for position then take it away. You get nowhere fast and build no momentum or rhythm. What solves this common error? Moving laterally allows you to evade incoming punches while turning your opponent and allowing you to be in position to punch in on angles. This is how you control another fighter and it's truly powerful and very fun to do!

I know what boxing is and how to define it... It's to hit and not be hit yet be in position to counter ( punch ) back and score. Many coaches forget this. I don't. This is boxing and this is what I teach at my fight school.

Click here to master how to move laterally and punch in on angles.

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