Monday, December 22, 2008

First annual year end Boxing Performance awards.

Here's my first annual boxing performance awards. We had a great 08 in boxing, look for a bigger 09 in boxing! Enjoy....

Best performance of the year

1) Pacquiao
2) Hopkins
3) Margarito

Fighter of the year pound for pound

1) Pacquiao (no one else comes close this year)
2) Bernard Hopkins
3) Paul Williams

Fight of the year

1) Vazquez-Marquez 3
2) Cotto-Margarito
3) Pacquiao - Marquez II

Event of the year

1) Pacquiao-De La Hoya

Upset of the year

1) Pacquiao- De La Hoya
2) Hopkins- Pavlik
3) Prescott-Khan

Comeback of the year

1) Vitali Klitschko: Returns from a near four years away and shuts out the so called most feared heavyweight in the world.
2) Vic Darchinian: Beats down Mijares in impressive fashion.

3) Ricky Hatton (he didn't retire but he rebounded well from a beating by Mayweather )

Round of the year

1) Holt-Torres 2 round one

KO of the year

1) Casamayor - Katsidis
2) Holt-Torres II
3) Miranda-Banks
4) Prescott- Khan
5) Mosley-Mayorga

Trainer of the Year

1) Freddie Roach
No one else comes close this year.

Fake Ass Fighter Nothing but Hype Award

1) Roy Jones
2) De La Hoya
3) Sam Peter

Dude you should have stayed retired award

1) Angelo Dundee: He added nothing to Oscar and it was a distraction and all hype to have him in camp. Back to the sunny beaches of retirement Dundee goes... Please stay there Angie.

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