Monday, December 8, 2008

Oscar Found Out That If You Play With Fire You Do Get Burnt... Really Torched.

It looks like the days of Oscar hand picking his opponents for a big event and pay pay are finally over. Last Saturday night in a fight touted as mismatch Manny Pacquiao proved everyone wrong while beating Oscar's ass into obvious retirement.

This fight was seen as a joke to many experts and even team De La Hoya. They obviously didn't take Manny serious enough and totally mis judged what Pacquiao could do.

I though coming in Manny would rise to the occasion and perform spectacularly. I didn't think he'd dominate Oscar that easy though. I mean it was EASY for Manny. He kicked Oscar's ass from pillar to post.

Oscar was finally taught the lesson that if you want to be a part time fighter and not take boxing serious enough by being active before taking on a beast like Manny you get embarrassed.

It was obvious coming into this fight that Manny was the real fighter. The size factor was the only question mark and Manny proved the adage of it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog very true.

Ironically though Manny was heavier than Oscar going into the ring. The speed, movement, and defense Manny displayed was spectacular. He upped his game big time. Yes it was a one sided fight but Manny made it that way and kept it that way until the end. That's how good he has become.

That's what special fighters do. Manny has done what Oscar was never able to do and that's dominate in a big fight. That's why when Manny retires he'll be looked at as the better and more accomplished fighter. Manny has taken more risks and beat better fighters than Oscar. Manny takes risks because he's a fighter and now a multi multi millionaire as well.

He's had a Henry Armstrong like year and the sky is the limit as a proposed Hatton fight nears. Yes Manny is P4P #1, yes he'll be a hall of famer, and yes he proved with last Saturday nights performance that he's a throw back fighter.

The scary thing is that Manny hasn't even peaked yet! The best seems yet to come. While Oscar's act and charade as an elite fighter is finally over.

- Big props to Freddie who devised and had Manny follow a brilliant fight plan. This bout was sweet revenge for Freddie and it couldn't have happened to a better trainer.

- Thanks to Bob Arum for listening to Larry Merchant's idea of this fight and having the faith in Freddie Roach when Freddie confirmed that Manny could do it.

- Of course thanks to Manny for proving all these fucking moronic experts wrong who called this fight a mismatch in favor of Oscar. It's fighters like Manny and of course Bernard Hopkins who continue to prove how little these experts do know of boxing.

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