Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Late Prediction For Pacquiao-De La Hoya.

From reading my last post here on my blog and my latest post on the elite Q/A under Olympic sports you guys obviously know who I want to win. I really think Manny can do it too.

Lets remember that Oscar hasn't fought frequent enough and against solid opposition to be really sharp tonight. That's what's going to hurt him against Manny who's been very active against awesome opposition. I mean fighters like Marquez who is amazingly skilled and everything that Oscar isn't pound for pound.

Oscar should have a few movements with his size advantage but the fight will change when he's tired. Manny can go all night and he's VERY durable. That'll make the difference along with his movement and speed. I think his power will surprise Oscar and we'll soon see.

Manny by close decision... Because they're fighting in Oscar's town... Vegas.

Enjoy the fight!

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