Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Pacquiao- De La Hoya Promotion Should Be Titled The Fighter Vs. The Fraud

Let me ask you guys something. How did you like hearing Oscar regurgitate the same old shit he has his whole career during Pacquiao- De La Hoya 24/7? Are you sold on it? Do you believe his twisted hype? Do you believe Dundee can add anything or has made Oscar better? What about Nacho for that matter? After all wasn't Oscar SOOOO elated that Nacho was training him and saying that Nacho is the weapon that'll help him beat Manny yeeeet he brings in Dundee?

Oscar is anything but a real fighter and hasn't been for quite a few years now. Why does he fight then? He's established his promotional firm as the soon to be juggernaut promotional company of boxing.

Oscar wants to have his cake in boxing and eat it too. But at last he's fighting a REAL fighter who loves to fight, can bring the fight, and will bring the fight for the whole 12 rounds if it lasts that long.

Thomas Gerbasi couldn't be more right and I couldn't agree with him more in his article here that's on

Don't be turned off and believe the hype of this fight being a mismatch. Don't believe misconception that size conquers will and skill. I mean you had to know who the REAL fighter was in Pacquiao-De La Hoya 24/7! Manny is real fighter in this fight and that's why you should tune in.

Although tis fight isn't for any title nor is their any big stakes at line... You may very well indeed watch and learn that you don't fuck with fighters who take this game serious. Yeah, Manny Pac is a nasty little mutherfucker who likes to make big $$$ and still fight hard. A mismatch was never in his mind. Only the next opponent he has too beat.

Maybe this will be the fight that finally lets Oscar know that he needs to stay his ass out of the ring as it's NO place for part time fighters.

You may very well see in this fight that size is a good tool but only one factor. Quality of recent world class tough as hell opposition means more pound for pound and being severely battle tested going into a big fight trumps many factors.

I'm not a hater of Oscar as much as it seems. I'm a hater of frauds and that's what he is if he or anyone thinks he's still a world class fighter that demands the lions share of the $$, hype, attention, and respect for being a part time fighter that hasn't beaten anyone GREAT since Vargas.

I'm ending my rant and telling you to watch the fight! Manny Pac is one of the last great millionaire fighters left.

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